Sunday, June 5, 2011

8 days!

Dilene and I leave Tulsa International Airport next Tuesday, June 14!  It's so close, and I have a lot to take care of between now and then.  Here's a bit of my to do list.

Need to make copies of my passport, flight itinerary, bank card, prescriptions, and insurance for Gene (my husband) and for Dilene (my traveling companion).  If I should lose the originals, I can get the information quickly from one of these people.  I also need to give Dilene my emergency contacts.  I've already given Gene my contact information while I'm in Jordan.

I also need to buy an international phone card and circulation hose for the long flight (Dilene's suggestion). Jenn Martin has also suggested some items for my carry on:  an extra outfit, meds, chargers, baby wipes, snacks, toothpaste and toothbrush, Emergen-C, and a digestive cookie.  (It's been suggested to me that I just try to knock myself out for during the long flight).

While in Jordan, I will need sunscreen, sunglasses, sweater, head scarf, sturdy walking shoes, plug adapter, camera, business cards, NSU branded gifts, and guidebook.

The preparation is a lot of work!  Does anyone else have any suggestions for me?


  1. From my own experiences, call your medical insurance provider to check things out, ask if you are covered the same way you would be here, and let them know you will be gone.

    also, being a tall blond voluptuous woman myself (this is how I choose to describe myself) I know the importance of remaining inconspicuous. however, even in a full burqa I'm sure I would stand out. Prepare yourself for the reactions you will get to your stunning beauty, to me it was a real eye opener to travel among a different culture who let's say has a smaller stature then myself (but I am six foot tall), many people wanted to take pictures of me and with me. lol.

    Lastly, take a bunch of pictures because I want to see them!

  2. Of course you are reading everything you can about the culture. Be prepared to try to re-frame everything. If you will be escorted, look for the person who can "interpret" for you, and here I don't mean language only. Someone who has spent time in both cultures. In Japan David put it in a nutshell for me this way. Everything that is done differently in Japan is done that way because the society is designed for many people living in close proximity so that they may function without going crazy. That opened my eyes about how to speak and behave. Look for the "nutshell" about Jordan. And, of course, enjoy yourself and be yourself,with a high awareness of how they are framing things.
    What a wonderful opportunity. I will follow your blog with great interest!

  3. Pepto Bismol comes in pill form

  4. I am so thrilled that your trip is only days away. It sounds like you're well equipped. As you point out, this will be a superb opportunity to learn and to share. I look forward to reading future blog entries. Go dté tú slán chomh maith le slán abhaile (Safe journey as well as a safe trip home)! Slán go fóill.

  5. good list! i need to add some of those to my list. have you contacted your credit card companies and bank to let them know you'll be in another country? usually you can do that on their websites.

    i'm personally not a huge fan of knocking myself out for the trip. i have doctor who on my laptop, and will put some tv shows or movies on my ipod touch, and some books on my kindle. the plane with probable have those screens on the backs of the seats with movies and games.

    ginger (candy or capsules) also helps with settling your tummy and coping with time change (at least for me)