Friday, June 10, 2011

money, money, money. money.

So I called the bank yesterday after getting the run around from Visa about foreign exchange rates if I use my Visa check card.  Visa would not tell me what their fees were and told me to call my bank to find out what their fees are.  It was frustrating.

So I called BancFirst (my bank).  Ann was very helpful and suggested I get some dinar (Jordanian money) before I left here.  For $217.37 USD I was able to get 130 Dinar.  The exchange rate is about 1.58.  Maybe it's because the money is so beautiful there...

Ann also suggested I get a Visa travel card and put some money on it rather than use my bank card every where I go.  Some other world travelers gave me that suggestion as well.  So today I went to Reasor's and got a Visa travel card.

I planned to buy a phone card today but decided to talk to AT&T first.  (Actually I delegated this task to Gene).  He was told that it would cost almost $3 a minute for me to use my cell phone (even with a calling card).  They suggested I use a landline or Skype.  I think we're going with Skype.  I'm not much of a phone person in the USA; I can't imagine I'll feel much differently over there.

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  1. I've always wondered why US currency is so blasted dull when most other nations use lovely art work and colors.
    I would have thought the phone thing would have been a frustration for you since you are so quick to answer any notes I ever send. hmmm $3 a minute is a good reason to limit it!!